Simple, Easy, Fast Scrap Car Removal


Easy Scrap Car Removal

We make getting rid of your scrap car simple. Our team has been serving Vancouver for over 30 years, helping your clean up your property by removing scrap cars in the lower mainland. When it comes time to get rid of a junk car one name leads the industry, On The Way Scrap Car Removal.

Step 1: Call & Tell Us What Type of Car You Have

Step 2: We tell you what your car is worth

Step 3: We recycle all the parts of your car

What Our Clients Say

It was fantastic working with Bruce, he was excellent on the phone and picked up my car the same day I called. I would highly recommend On the way scrap car removal to anyone that is just like me, looking to get rid of a scrap car.

Tara Owen, Chilliwack


Count On Us To Recycle Your Car


Dispose Of Your Car Responsibly


Turn Your Car Into Something New

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