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We are trusted by thousands of folks to do the job right. In the scrap business you may be aware that people can take your car and not even scrap it, they may turn around and sell it for a profit. We do not do that, we ethically take your car apart & recycle anything we can. We make a very small profit on the transaction. We will always give you the best price for the car and give you a fair assessment of what the car is worth.

Should I Sell My Scrap Car To The Highest Bidder?

No, normally you want to do your homework on the company that you are choosing to scrap your car. High rates can be a sign of something going on. Reputable companies will follow a standard rate procedure that is inline with the market for scrap metal. You want to be wary of shady companies paying high rates, they may not be scrapping your car at all, you could be liable if that car is used for something that you did not authorize.

Is It Important I Use A Insured Scrap Car Company?

Yes it is very important, if you use a fly by night company to pick up your scrap car you could be liable if something happens to that car while it is in the scrap process. Make sure you are using a fully insured company that has experience with taking away old cars.

How Long Does It Take To Scrap My Car?

A1 Casper deals with the whole scrap process on your behalf. You can expect same day service when it comes to picking up your crap car. Normally within two hours you will have cash in hand and your old scrap car on the back of our truck for recycling.

How Much Is My Scrap Car Worth?

It all depends on the current price for scrap metal, trends in the industry and the type of car that you have. Every car is different and must be evaluated at the time you call for most recent rates that are paid for scrap cars.

Why It Is Important To Trust Your Scrap Car Company?

Did you know that most scrap car removal companies operating today do not even have the correct insurance to take your old car away? Without correct insurance, you the consumer are at risk as the title of your car does not pass hands when you are paid for your scrap car. If the scrap car company that picked up you car got into an accident you would possibly be liable. It is important to protect your best interests with the right insurance that is carried by A-1 Casper, we have prided ourselves for over 30 years with honesty and integrity in the scrap removal business.

How Does Scraping My Car Work?

The process is very simple, you give us a call at 604-209-2026 and arrange a time to pick up your old car. Usually we can service you with in a two hour window. Upon arrival we tow your car on to our trucks, we are able to take cars with no wheels, they do not even need to run. We pay you cash and recyle the vehicle in a environmentally friendly way. The metal from your old car will be recycled and reused in much more innovative products.

Which Program is best A1 Casper or Scrap it BC?

At A-1 Casper we pride ourself with what we give back to our community, when you choose A-1 Casper over Scrap It BC you have the potential to earn more for your vechicle as we offer free pick up, compared to Scrap It BC, who charges you. We also give you the opportunity to donate your car to your favorite charity. We believe in helping our community and helping people make the right decisions about their scrap cars. We truely believe you will have a better and more fulfilling experience with A-1 Casper.

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