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Is it time to get rid of that old scrap car in Burnaby that totally died on you? We know it sucks when your car dies! When its time to get rid of a car that nobody wants, we are the good guys that come give you cash and take your troubles away. The awesome thing is we don’t just take your car, we take it out of your name, drain it of any harmful fluids and make sure it goes through one of the best recycling practices in Burnaby.

Junk Car Removal
BBB Accredited Scrap Car Removal Burnaby

We take our work seriously and we love the city of Burnaby. Over the past 30 years we have built a name for ourselves that represents as a humble company that likes helping the environment become a better and greener place. We will treat you with the respect you deserve, and come pick your car up on the same day if we can.

Junk Car Removal Burnaby
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Its not easy being this green! We need your help, call us today and have us pick up your old scrap car! We won’t let you down, we promise. Our goal is to make scrap car as easy as possible for you, just pick up the phone and chat with us!

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